For its first digital residency of 2022, JEREMIE is thrilled to host Jin‘s project The End of The World on its website

As part of his residency, Jin was freely inspired by a short text I wrote entitled “notion 4: the end of the world”. In echo, he produced a sound immersion in three acts in which he interprets notions of time, of an immediacy to the running time and of the past.

Simpler, more direct, more fragile than a musical piece, it would rather be in his terms moving sounds in space, which would just miss hitting the ground. With delicacy, Jin seems to take back, in an intimate way, this expression that we often repeat as if it carried its own solution: « Focus on the present”

What is the emergency we are talking about? Is it the end of the world?

This project is curated by Hélène Cayet.

credit logo @Krzysztof Dulba